One of the key activities mandated to be carried out by STEDEC Pakistan is the commercialization of Products, Processes and Technologies developed by R&D Organizations/Institutes. These activities include:

  • Ultimate goal of commercialization is mass production and import substitutions.
  • Facilitation of technology commercialization activities through collaborations among R&D organizations/institutions Academia, Industry and Entrepreneurs. Including but not limited to identification of market-driven and need-based research initiatives.
  • Marketing of indigenously researched products processes and technologies of R&D Organizations/institutions through public technology demonstrations, exhibitions and seminars.
  • Business development and diversification of STEDEC Pakistan’s span of activities.



Among the mandates of STEDEC Pakistan is the transfer of technology to benefit the developer, the investor, society, environment, as well as the Company itself. This includes::

  • Industry outreach to identify any technological gap to either improve or fulfill with local technology.
  • Liaison with government, academia, and private entities to execute technology transfer.

Technology Transfer



Technology Commercialization Help Desk (TCHD)

A platform through which private sector can make direct outreach to STEDEC for the commercialization of any emerging technology, process or product.

Public Call

A platform through which invitation are given by STEDEC to the relevant parties, to contribute their work, by participation in an agenda or time-constrained project, in a clear and compelling way.

Public Demo

A platform showcasing most promising technology/research proposals to wider audience like industry partners etc.

Technology Audit

A platform through which STEDEC proposes ways and means to upgrade the level of technology that may bring improvement in client’s overall business systems; encompassing ecological aspects.


A platform through which technologies in a certain domain will be displayed to the relevant audience in order to share information and knowledge.